Simon Fraser University draws students from across Canada. This constant influx not only keeps the local area thriving, but it also puts Simon Fraser real estate in high demand. Burnaby and Vancouver are cities where people can grow, work and play without having to travel far from their own homes. The locals love this area, and they love the school that has become a center point over the years—Simon Fraser University. The school has a history that is as rich as the landscape. Here is the history of SFU.


Brave Beginnings

In 1808, a man named Simon Fraser conquered one of the most daring journeys in Canadian history. He bravely travelled down the mighty river that no man had travelled before. Today, that river carries his name. Simon Fraser was a great explorer, a Loyalist and a fur-trader who played a major role in Canadian history. To honor his legacy, one of the top universities in the country, a place that builds the next generation for a bright future, was named Simon Fraser University.


Building the School

The university itself began in a report which was titled, “Higher Education in British Columbia and a Plan for the Future.” This report recommended that a school of higher education be built in the Lower Mainland. Dr. Gordon M. Shrum was quickly appointed the first Chancellor. The year was 1963.

The top of Burnaby Mountain was recommended and selected as a building site. This location offered stunning views of the landscape which the mountain overlooked. The best architects in the country competed to win the coveted job of building this school. Runner-ups were asked to build one building in the final structure. The architecture is truly inspiring and has received international recognition and rewards.

Ground was broke to begin building in the spring of 1964. On September 9, 1965, Simon Fraser University welcomed 2,500 students into its classrooms.


Simon Fraser Today

SFU has grown in leaps and bounds since those humble beginnings. In the year 2007, there were over 26,000 students enrolled in courses through SFU. This keeps the local Simon Fraser real estate in high demand. The history of SFU propelled the school towards greatness, but it is the continued drive of new students that keep the university thriving. If you would like more information on local real estate, visit our SFU page or contact a representative with Canadian University Real Estate today.


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