Students choose Simon Fraser University for a variety of reasons. For starters, this is one of the best schools in British Columbia and Canada as a whole. The main college campus is located in a prime location that is perfect for anyone seeking to build a bright future. Burnaby is a thriving city that is located just east of Vancouver, the third largest city in the nation. This provides SFU students with the unique opportunity to live, work, play and grow all in the same location. Naturally, those who relocate to the area rent or purchase Simon Fraser real estate. While they are settling, they explore all that the area has to offer—from recreation to restaurants. Here are some of the top restaurants near SFU.


  1. Cactus Club Cafe

If you are looking for an excellent place to have dinner, or even grab some take-out, the Cactus Club Cafe is always a winner. Their menu offers a wide variety of options; they have everything from fresh ravioli to jambalaya. Guests are delighted to find that they have the option to eat indoors or dine outside. This restaurant has a superb atmosphere and quality service, which has made it a top choice among visitors and locals.


  1. The Pear Tree Restaurant

This eatery is downtown dining at its best. The intimate setting gives guests an experience that is rare in most restaurants these days. Great care has been taken to get the details right. The menu features delectables such as short ribs, seared scallops and scrumptious lemon tarts—all prepared by their fantastic award winning chef, of course.


  1. Cockney Kings Fish and Chips

Cockney Kings Fish and Chips gives visitors a taste of authentic, British style comfort food. It is a family run business that takes people back to the old days—when food was prepared with care and expertise. The fish and chips come highly recommended, but Cockney Kings also offers other options, such as oysters and pollock.


  1. Anton’s Pasta Bar

If you are craving homemade Italian in hearty portions, make your way to Anton’s Pasta Bar. You will not be disappointed by their excellent, traditional meals and incredible desserts. The food here is made with fresh ingredients and served by friendly staff members who are happy to please.


  1. Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria

You have found the best pizza joint in Burnaby. Sink into the warm atmosphere and enjoy fresh food and beverage options like wood fired pizzas, fresh bread, hearty salads and house wines. This is a place that the whole family can enjoy, yet it is still elegant with a casual twist.


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