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Finding the Perfect University: It’s More Than Just Education

Graduating from high school, you’re overwhelmed with countless university options. How do you find the right one that combines a balance of excellent education, unique experiences, and a warm community feel?

Many universities seem similar in their offerings, making your choice challenging. But what if there was a university where you could study and tan under the sun amidst beautiful landscapes like oceans, mountains, and forests?

Enter the University of Victoria (UVic). Located just a 10-minute stroll from the beach, UVic differs from your typical campus. As spring graces the environment in early March, you’ll find students taking their study sessions outdoors. Beyond the scenic beauty, the university boasts a distinct identity rooted in impactful research on climate change, ocean science, and alternative energy. Over the past decade, UVic’s external research funding has skyrocketed, and collaborations extend from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Not Just for Science Buffs: Whether you’re a political enthusiast eyeing opportunities at the B.C. legislature or an artist looking to explore innovative writing and theatre, UVic has got you covered.

University of Victoria – Quick Facts (2023)

City – Victoria, BC

Maclean’s Ranking – 2nd (Comprehensive)

Undergraduate Students – Full-time 14,039 | Part-time 5,322

Graduate Students – Full-time 2,989 | Part-time 225

International Students – First-year 6.6% | Graduate 36.5%

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Residence Space: 2,539 (2,000 reserved for first-year students)

Residence Costs: Double room with meals $9,626 to $10,879 | Single room with meals $12,418 to $12,667 | Apartment-style $7,594 to $9,884

Highlighted Programs:

Biomedical Engineering: Dive into the fusion of engineering and medicine, from artificial organs to prostheses.
Earth and Ocean Sciences: Use UVic’s prime coastal location to explore climate change, marine pollution, and more.
Music and Computer Science: Ideal for tech-savvy music lovers. Engage in music production for films video games, and experience groundbreaking 3D sound controllers.

Unique Courses to Consider:

Origin of Space, Time, and Matter: Perfect for those pondering the universe’s mysteries, covering riveting topics like black holes and wormholes. All students are welcome!
History of Video Games and Interactive Media: Dive deep into the gaming world, exploring its intersection with technology, society, and the arts.

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