Dalhousie University was originally established in 1818 upon similar principals to the University of Edinburgh, where all lectures were open to the public in the interest of public education.
With that guiding ideology in mind, Dalhousie has now become one of the top universities in Canada.

Dalhousie is a university that is dedicated to academic excellence above all else. As a result, the teaching philosophy of the university focuses heavily on creating the best learning experience possible for their students.

This means that the university is constantly introducing new teaching practices, adopting new technology, and experimenting in an effort for academic innovation.

Located on Canada’s stunning East Coast, the sweeping campuses and top of the market academic facilities are hubs for culture, exploration and discovery.

Dalhousie University – Quick Facts


  • 7th in Canada by Maclean’s University Rankings
  • 6th in Canada for the common law category by Maclean’s University Rankings
  • 151-200 in the world for the life sciences category by the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities
  • 50-100 in the world for law schools by QS World University Rankings
  • 1st in Canada for most innovative business school by European CEO Magazine


Dalhousie University, situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia, boasts multiple campuses tailored to distinct academic disciplines. The main Studley campus houses most undergraduate programs and essential university services. The Carleton campus is dedicated to medicine, dentistry, and health professions. In the heart of Halifax’s downtown is the Sexton Campus, focusing on engineering and architecture. Additionally, an agriculture campus was inaugurated in 2002 near Truro, Nova Scotia.

Percentage of International Students:

14%, approximately 2600 students.


Dalhousie is a large university with over 18,500 students enrolled in more than 180 degree programs in 12 faculties. The university employs an academic staff of just over 1000 professors, over 90% of whom hold doctoral degrees. Dalhousie’s international student community includes students from more than 110 countries.

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Ideal Halifax Neighbourhoods for Students

The three campuses of Dalhousie University are Studley, Sexton, and Carleton campus. All of the campuses are located in downtown Halifax and are all within walking distance of one another.

Living in the South End of Halifax’s downtown core is recommended for a short walk to all three campuses.

South End

South end is a charming neighborhood that is vibrant and forward thinking. The area has become one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Halifax and is also home to a large portion of Dalhousie University students.

The neighborhood is also renowned for its remarkable Victorian houses which serve as a good reminder to the city’s history.

The neighborhood is framed by Quinpool Road to the north, by the railway off of Beaufort Avenue to the west, by Southwood Drive to the south and by Barrington Street to the east.

The neighborhood is just a 20 minute walk from The Commons, which is a 1.7 kilometers (1.05 miles) in distance.