Trying to find parking on or near any college campus can be a trying experience, especially for one in a vibrant urban community. The Simon Fraser University main campus is located in the bustling hub of Burnaby, only 20 kilometers east of Vancouver. As with any urban campus, it’s best to approach parking near SFU as well informed about the situation as possible to prevent complications and frustrations further down the road. Here’s the rundown of what you should know before trying to park on or near SFU’s main Burnaby campus.

SFU Student Parking Permits

Fair warning: there is no free parking on the SFU Burnaby campus. Students may purchase either an indoor or outdoor parking pass, which comes to between $279 and $381 per semester depending on whether they want to be able to access covered lots. Students can purchase a parking permit at SFU Parking Services, located at the Maggie Benston Centre and open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Visitor Parking

If you are visiting, you now know that you will not be able to find free parking on SFU campus in Burnaby. Parking Service will either ticket or impound a vehicle that is incorrectly parked in a reserved space or in some kind of safety violation. Visitor parking lots can be found in many places across the Burnaby Campus. Visitor parking rates are $3.25/hour every day, with a daily maximum of $13 on weekdays and $6.50 on weekends.

Event Parking

If you are parking on SFU campus for an event that is not being held by SFU, the event organizer may have arranged special parking circumstances with the University for the duration of the event. If that is the case, your event organizer should be contacting you with further information about designated event parking areas. Otherwise, the rules and regulations for standard visitor parking on SFU campus still apply.

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