Simon Fraser University is one of the top institutes for higher learning in all of Canada. While this in itself attracts students to the area, the school is also located conveniently close to the thriving city of Vancouver—a hub for those who are seeking new careers. When you make a choice to uproot, find new real estate and settle in an area to go to school, there many choices and changes to be made, especially if you have children.

Finding good quality childcare is a major concern for most parents who are working or taking college classes. You certainly do not want to have to stress over whether or not your child is being cared for while you are completing your educational and professional goals. Here are some of the best daycare facilities near SFU.


SFU Childcare Society

The teachers and staff at the SFU Childcare Society have been presented with multiple awards, which includes being recognized at Canada’s first living building. It has also been called the greenest childcare facility that is in existence, and has also won the Canada Green Building Award. Beyond the fact that the facility is highly decorated, this school of early childhood education is full of great teachers and happy, learning children. From three months to 12 years, there are programs suitable for children in multiple stages of their learning careers. This daycare centre was built specifically with SFU students in mind.


Kensington Montessori Childcare

The Montessori philosophy is growing in popularity as children continue to thrive through the ideals. Montessori schools carefully prepare an environment that is beneficial to the physical, social, intellectual and emotional growth of the small children who attend. Kensington Montessori Childcare is located very close to the SFU campus, and is an excellent daycare choice for parents who are attending classes or working in the Burnaby area.


St. Matthews Daycare Society

St. Matthews Daycare is a learning establishment that has won multiple “Best Daycare” and “Best Preschool” awards. It is important to note that St. Matthews is not a religious organization, nor does it have any connection to a religious organization. However, their fantastic staff members are well versed and speak an excellent marriage of languages.


Starlight Childcare Centre

Your child can build a learning foundation that will help them to reach for the stars when they attend this quality daycare facility in Burnaby. Their operators have recently opened a brand new facility that children of SFU students will enjoy. The Starlight Childcare Centre believes that both intellectual and social skills are important, and an environment has been created that will promote the development of a well-rounded student.


More Information for SFU Students

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