Simon Fraser University is an attractive school for multiple reasons. This is one of Canada’s top universities, and people travel from across the world to attend. It is also in the perfect place to settle, finish school, find employment and achieve your professional goals. Since the school is located conveniently close to the city of Vancouver, there is no need to pack your bags and relocate again any time soon. Invest in a great piece of real estate, and stay awhile.

While a life in the thriving area of Burnaby sounds great, there are many choices and logistics to figure out that have probably had you stressed. One factor that every student must address is transportation. Whether you find yourself needing a vehicle for an hour, a day or several weeks, it is always important to know about auto sharing near SFU. Here are a few of the reputable auto sharing companies in the Burnaby area.



Zipcar is an auto sharing company that strives to make traveling in their vehicles easy and convenient. Owning a car can be very expensive, but companies such as Zipcar make it possible for college students to enjoy traveling. Once you become an approved member, you will receive a card that serves as the key to unlock their vehicles. Simply reserve your ride, tap your card and feed your wanderlust—or make it to that important appointment in Vancouver.



Evo is revolutionizing the world of auto sharing, making it easier than ever before to take trips and even bring a few friends. This is a simple, straightforward company that is priced affordably. Simply become a member, pick up your car, drive it anywhere and for however long you want, and then return the vehicle to their designated “home zones.” Their “per minute” rate is all inclusive and covers your gas, parking and insurance. There are multiple locations all across Burnaby and Vancouver, so get to driving!


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