Why a Burnaby Condo is Best for SFU Students

Are you headed to Simon Fraser University to start or continue your college journey soon? If you have already begun looking for housing options, you may have considered a multitude of living situations, from cozy single family homes to contemporary townhouses. Though each housing type has its pros and cons, a Burnaby condo is the clear best choice for initial housing for students as they are attending the university and enjoying SFU real estate.

Condo living offers many benefits to regular people who are not attending college, but some of these benefits could be especially good for those who do not have much time to spend on a larger home, such as a busy college student. Here are some reasons why you will love living in a Burnaby condo while you are going to school.

Low Maintenance

Most college students have never lived in their own home on their own before heading off to university. Though there is no doubt that many students do have the knowledge and skill level to care for a single family home of their own, maintenance requires a great deal of time as well as monetary commitment. Even general repairs can cost a lot of money — money that could be spent on your favorite foods or going on memorable trips with your best college friends.

You are also going to be extremely busy with all of your classes while going to school. The future is bright, and you are already working hard enough to obtain it. Do not let problems with your home be what gets in the way of studying when the simple solution is to avoid having to commit to maintenance from the beginning. Even keeping up the chores and cleaning is easier in a condo. Living in a condo will allow you to enjoy your home without hassle.

Low Cost

Besides opening up valuable time by cutting out maintenance, a condo living situation has another key perk that many college students find appealing. Living in a Burnaby condo gives you a lot of bang for your buck and is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy living on your own in the thriving city.

A condo saves you money in many ways. First of all, the smaller space and compact units cut down on utility usage and therefore make bills a bit smaller. Maintenance is covered in your monthly payment, so you do not have to worry about costly repairs springing up out of the blue. Simply call a maintenance technician if there are any issues and they will find the solution.

High Convenience

There are many condo complexes located in some of the most desirable areas for college students. This makes life at the university much simpler and easier to enjoy. Rather than living in a single family home that is far away from your activities, live in a condo and make life simple.

Living in a Burnaby condo has nothing to offer but a multitude of perks. If you are interested in finding your perfect condo, visit our SFU page or contact a representative with Canadian University Real Estate today.

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