Summer at SFU

Simon Fraser University, or SFU, is located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver is BC’s largest city and a gem of a city any time of the year, but especially during the warm summer months. SFU is one of Canada’s premier universities offering rich and diverse educational opportunities. Even during the summer months, SFU teems with educational camps and activities that encompass all age groups. Here is a quick glimpse at some of the great camps that are offered through SFU this summer.


SFU offers a myriad of educational camps during the summer with a wide variety of choices. Only a few of the many different choices are examined in more detail here. For a full list of the educational camps offered at SFU with exact dates and times, visit Have you ever wanted to attend university but aren’t 18 yet? Never fear, mini-university camp is here. This true university experience is offered to kids age 8-14 and provides kids with a unique opportunity to explore different and exciting subjects. Each day features a different subject which is held on campus in classrooms, labs and SFU’s sports facilities.

SFU also offers a great ESL summer camp with a specific focus on practicing spoken English and having fun while doing so. The ESL camp is open to children age 7-16 and provides and encourages various settings and opportunities to learn and practice spoken English. Three days of lessons are offered each week, while the other time is used to provide students with the opportunity to experience the sights of greater Vancouver. Both of these camps are based out of the main campus of SFU. While dropping your child off at one of the exciting summer camps, take the time to explore and enjoy the scenery of SFU and the nearby neighbourhoods that surround the university. SFU offers great real estate opportunities in and around the campus as well.


Besides great educational camps offered through SFU, the university also offers a myriad of recreational camps throughout the summer. There are many different camps that are sport-specific, such as soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis and golf, to name a few. Each of these camps focuses on developing sport specific skills and are instructed by SFU coaches or varsity athletes. Other recreational camps offered are aquatic camps that offer swimming lessons for all ages and lifeguard certification courses. Finally, SFU also offers various camps such as dance camps, glee club camps and girls’ only camps. Again, for specific dates and times and a more detailed look at all of the camps offered, visit SFU’s website.

Summer is a great time to visit Vancouver and see what the city has to offer. Be sure to check out the many exciting camp opportunities that SFU is offering this summer while you are in the city. Enjoy your summer and we hope to see you soon!

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