Navigating Toronto High Schools Ranking: A Quick Guide for Parents 2023

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Hey there, Toronto parents! So, you’re on the hunt for the perfect high school for your teenager, huh? It’s like trying to find that one café in Toronto with the best brew – so many options and chatter. But hang tight because we have a brew (of info) you might like.

Have you ever flipped through the Fraser Institute Ranking Report Card on Ontario’s Secondary Schools 2020? While it might sound all business-like, think of it as your trusty menu for school performance. This resource is a game-changer, letting you see how different Toronto schools fare, making head-to-head comparisons, and helping you pinpoint the ideal learning spot for your teen. This could be your answer for all the Toronto parents juggling the “Which school?” puzzle.

Here’s the insider info: if you’re juggling choices between a few Toronto high schools, this Report Card can be your secret sauce. It’s not just about which schools have the academic chops but also a sneak peek into their growth game – are they levelling up or taking a few steps back? So, when hopping from one school tour to the next and quizzing the teachers, you have some solid facts in your back pocket.

But, a word to the wise: while the Report Card is super handy, don’t make it your only go-to. There’s a world of other sources like websites from Ontario’s Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), local education insiders, and our very own Toronto school boards. And always keep an ear to the ground for the inside track from other parents. Those in the know can often dish out the most genuine insights.

And hey, let’s not forget: while top rankings and stellar grades are great, a school is more than its report card. It’s about finding that blend of academics, programs, clubs, and experiences that resonate with your teen. And some of that might not even be on the Report Card radar.

Fraser Institute Ranking Report Card on Ontario’s Secondary Schools 2020 is a fantastic jump-off point. Blend it with other sources, trust your parental gut, and you’ll be all set.

Happy high school hunting in Toronto!

Toronto High School Rankings – Top 50 Best High Schools in Toronto

RankingSchoolScore 2018 – 19Rank 2018 – 19City
1St. Michael’s Choir9.42/739Toronto
2Ursula Franklin9.26/739Toronto
3Cardinal Carter-Arts8.812/739Toronto
5Earl Haig8.621/739Toronto
6Father John Redmond8.621/739Toronto
8William Lyon Mackenzie8.527/739Toronto
9Collège Français8.242/739Toronto
10North Toronto8.242/739Toronto
11A Y Jackson8.152/739Toronto
13St. Josephs Morrow Park8.152/739Toronto
14York Mills8.152/739Toronto
17W A Porter7.884/739Toronto
19Marshall McLuhan7.795/739Toronto
20Rosedale Heights-Arts7.795/739Toronto
23Lawrence Park7.5130/739Toronto
24Mary Ward7.5130/739Toronto
25Bishop Allen7.4149/739Toronto
29St. Patrick7.3163/739Toronto
31Northview Heights7.2180/739Toronto
32Senator O’Connor7.2180/739Toronto
33St. Joseph’s7.2180/739Toronto
34Delphi Alternative7.1209/739Toronto
35Dr Norman Bethune7.1209/739Toronto
38R H King7.1209/739Toronto
39Francis Libermann7225/739Toronto
41Michael Power/St. Joseph6.9244/739Toronto
43West Humber6.9244/739Toronto
44Loretto Abbey6.8261/739Toronto
45Neil McNeil6.8261/739Toronto
46Notre Dame6.8261/739Toronto
48Toronto Ouest6.7281/739Toronto
49Cardinal Newman6.6310/739Toronto
50Albert Campbell6.5330/739Toronto

Top 10 Best High Schools in Toronto – A Quick Summary

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the specifics. Here are the top 10 Best High schools that offer the best education in Toronto as of October 2023:

  1. St. Michael’s Choir School: In the heart of Toronto, St. Michael’s Choir School, a prestigious private high school, shines as a symbol of academic excellence. Students must apply through auditions to attend this prestigious institution, setting it apart from traditional public schools. What makes St. Michael’s Choir School exceptional is its unique emphasis on music education, fostering self-sufficiency and a quest for knowledge.
  2. Ursula Franklin Academy: Located in the High Park neighbourhood, Ursula Franklin Academy is a small learning community that places technology and science at its core. It has been consistently ranked above average at provincial and city levels, making it a standout choice for parents seeking quality education for their children.
  3. Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts: This Catholic Arts high school offers admission through an audition procedure and welcomes students of all ages, including teenagers. What’s unique about Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts is its flexible admission process, allowing students to join throughout the year when space is available in their desired art class.
  4. Leaside High School: Situated in Central-East Toronto, Leaside High School has earned its reputation as one of Canada’s most well-known high schools. The school’s dedication to imparting knowledge and its excellent faculty make it an attractive choice for students and parents alike.
  5. Earl Haig Secondary School: With over 2,000 students, Earl Haig Secondary School is a prominent public high school in Toronto. It hosts the Claude Watson Arts Program, an auditioned arts and culture program. It offers students an enhanced art education through various mediums, including music, dance, drama, visual arts, and film arts.
  6. Father John Redmond Catholic School: This Catholic high school in the New Toronto area of Etobicoke is known for its focus on the arts. It creates a rich Catholic environment that enhances students’ learning experience, fostering academic and personal growth.
  7. Saint-Frère-André Catholic Secondary School: If you’re seeking a French-language high school in Toronto, Saint-Frère-André Catholic Secondary School is a top choice. Part of the old West Toronto Collegiate building, this school combines the French language with a strong Catholic foundation.
  8. William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute: Located in the heart of Toronto, William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute has provided education since 1960. The institute is known for its all-round growth approach, providing students with an environment that promotes learning and academic development.
  9. Le Collège Français: Offering a variety of programs, Le Collège Français includes its IB program and is a French-language high school. Home to more than 750 students, this school offers a unique educational experience for French-speaking families in Toronto.
  10. North Toronto Collegiate Institute: A non-semester system public high school in the North Toronto area, this institute boasts over 1,200 students. It encourages young talent through sports competitions and debating tournaments, providing a holistic educational experience for students.

We understand that your child’s education is a top priority, and choosing the right high school is a significant decision. It’s not just about academics; it’s about nurturing their talents and ensuring they receive a well-rounded education. We encourage you to explore these high schools further and speak with experienced Toronto Residential Real Estate agents who can assist you in finding the perfect home near your preferred school.

Toronto Public High Schools Ranking – Top 50 Best Public High Schools in Toronto

RankingSchoolScore 2018 – 19Rank 2018 – 19City
1Ursula Franklin9.26/739Toronto
3Earl Haig8.621/739Toronto
4William Lyon Mackenzie8.527/739Toronto
5Collège Français8.242/739Toronto
6North Toronto8.242/739Toronto
7A Y Jackson8.152/739Toronto
9York Mills8.152/739Toronto
12W A Porter7.884/739Toronto
14Rosedale Heights-Arts7.795/739Toronto
17Lawrence Park7.5130/739Toronto
21Northview Heights7.2180/739Toronto
22Delphi Alternative7.1209/739Toronto
23Dr Norman Bethune7.1209/739Toronto
25R H King7.1209/739Toronto
26West Humber6.9244/739Toronto
28Toronto Ouest6.7281/739Toronto
29Albert Campbell6.5330/739Toronto
31Forest Hill6.5330/739Toronto
32Don Mills6.4352/739Toronto
33Georges Vanier6.3374/739Toronto
35Sir John A Macdonald6.2391/739Toronto
36Victoria Park6420/739Toronto
37Marc Garneau5.9440/739Toronto
38Sir Oliver Mowat5.9440/739Toronto
39Sir Wilfrid Laurier5.8457/739Toronto
40Wexford Collegiate-Arts5.7471/739Toronto
42Lester B Pearson5.5495/739Toronto
44Monarch Park5.4503/739Toronto
47Central Commerce5.3520/739Toronto
48East York5.3520/739Toronto
49Stephen Leacock5.2530/739Toronto
50York Memorial5.1542/739Toronto

Toronto Catholic High Schools Ranking – Top 34 Best Catholic High Schools in Toronto

RankingSchoolScore 2018 – 19Rank 2018 – 19City
1St. Michael’s Choir9.42/739Toronto
2Cardinal Carter-Arts8.812/739Toronto
3Father John Redmond8.621/739Toronto
5St. Josephs Morrow Park8.152/739Toronto
6Marshall McLuhan7.795/739Toronto
7Mary Ward7.5130/739Toronto
8Bishop Allen7.4149/739Toronto
10St. Patrick7.3163/739Toronto
11Senator O’Connor7.2180/739Toronto
12St. Joseph’s7.2180/739Toronto
14Francis Libermann7225/739Toronto
16Michael Power/St. Joseph6.9244/739Toronto
18Loretto Abbey6.8261/739Toronto
19Neil McNeil6.8261/739Toronto
20Notre Dame6.8261/739Toronto
21Cardinal Newman6.6310/739Toronto
22St. Mary’s6.4352/739Toronto
23Monsignor Percy Johnson6.2391/739Toronto
24Pope John Paul II6.1406/739Toronto
25James Cardinal McGuigan6420/739Toronto
26Jean Vanier5.7471/739Toronto
27Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton5.6484/739Toronto
30Father Henry Carr5.4503/739Toronto
31Dante Alighieri5556/739Toronto
32Blessed Mother Teresa4.8575/739Toronto
33St. Basil The Great4.7587/739Toronto
34Archbishop Romero3.5671/739Toronto

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