Navigating Ontario Elementary School Rankings: A Quick Guide for Parents 2023

ontario elementary school students

Alright, Ontario parents, gather ’round. Picking the right elementary school for your little one? It feels like setting the foundation for their learning journey, right? With all those choices and chatter, it can be a real maze. But here’s the good news: we’ve got a map for you.

Have you ever encountered the Fraser Institute Ranking Report Card on Ontario’s Elementary Schools 2020? It might sound all official, but consider it your go-to guide for school performance insights. This gem lets you see how different schools stack up, make side-by-side comparisons, and home in on the best environment for your kiddo. Trust us, this can be a game-changer for parents navigating the “which school?” conundrum.

Here’s the lowdown. If you’re weighing up a few schools, this Report Card can be your ace in the hole. It will show which schools are acing the educational front and give a peek into whether they’re raising the bar or hitting a few bumps along the way. This means when you’re touring schools and grilling the staff, you’re armed with some top-notch info.

But a quick heads-up: while the Report Card is a nifty tool, it shouldn’t be your only source of info. Check out other spots like websites from Ontario’s Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), the local education gurus, and the school boards in your area. And here’s a tip: always tune in to the grapevine – I mean, insights – from other parents. Those with kids already in the mix can give you the real scoop.

Lastly, remember that rankings and grades are excellent, but paint only some of the picture. Schools are about more than just ABCs and 123s. The Report Card might gloss over many programs, activities, and experiences, but it could be just what your child needs.

So, to sum it all up: the *Report Card on Ontario’s Elementary Schools 2020*? Great starting point. But mix in some other resources, sprinkle in some parent intuition, and you’re golden.

Good luck on your elementary school hunt!

Ontario Elementary Schools Ranking – Top 50 Best Elementary Schools in Ontario

RankingSchoolScore 2018-19Rank 2018-19City
1Ahlul Bayt Islamic School101/3037Ottawa
2Ahmadiyya Elementary School101/3037Mississauga
3Al-Ameen Elementary School101/3037Brampton
4Al-Falah Islamic101/3037Oakville
5Applewood Public School101/3037St Catharines
6Avondale Alternative Elementary School101/3037North York
7IQRA Islamic School101/3037Mississauga
8ISNA Islamic School101/3037Mississauga
9Islamic Foundation School – Durham101/3037Ajax
10Khalsa Community School101/3037Brampton
11Khalsa School Malton101/3037Mississauga
12Safa & Marwa Islamic School101/3037Mississauga
13Sathya Sai School, Toronto, Canada101/3037Toronto
14St Justin Martyr Catholic Elementary School101/3037Unionville
15St Mildred’s-Lightbourn School101/3037Oakville
16Whitney Junior Public School101/3037Toronto
17ÉÉC Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys-Markham101/3037Markham
18Rosedale Junior Public School9.918/3037Toronto
19Bayview Fairways Public School9.819/3037Thornhill
20Colchester North Public School9.819/3037Essex
21Iona Academy9.819/3037Williamstown
22Donald Cousens Public School9.722/3037Markham
23Kennedy Public School9.722/3037Scarborough
24Sacred Heart School9.722/3037Mildmay
25Stonebridge Public School9.722/3037Markham
26ÉÉC Le-Petit-Prince9.722/3037Vaughan
27Islamic Institute of Toronto Academy9.627/3037Scarborough
28Salaheddin Islamic School9.627/3037Scarborough
29St Agnes Separate School9.627/3037Brampton
30Errol Village Public School9.530/3037Camlachie
31Henderson Avenue Public School9.530/3037Thornhill
32Silver Stream Public School9.530/3037Richmond Hill
33St John of the Cross School9.530/3037Mississauga
34William Berczy Public School9.530/3037Unionville
35Christ the King Catholic Elementary School9.435/3037Richmond Hill
36Islamic Foundation School9.435/3037Scarborough
37Northmount School9.435/3037Toronto
38St Rose of Lima Separate School9.435/3037Mississauga
39Stephen Leacock Public School9.435/3037Kanata
40Woodland Public School9.435/3037St Catharines
41École élémentaire Horizon Jeunesse9.435/3037Mississauga
42C D Farquharson Junior Public School9.342/3037Scarborough
43St Joseph Catholic School9.342/3037River Canard
44St Michael’s Choir (Jr) School9.342/3037Toronto
45École élémentaire catholique L’Étoile-de-l’Est9.342/3037Orléans
46Codrington Public School9.246/3037Barrie
47Cottingham Junior Public School9.246/3037Toronto
48Gracefield Public School9.246/3037St Catharines
49John Ross Robertson Junior Public School9.246/3037Toronto
50Masonville Public School9.246/3037London

Ontario Public Elementary Schools Ranking – Top 50 Best Public Elementary Schools in Ontario

RankingSchoolScore 2018-19Rank 2018-19City
1Applewood Public School101/3037St Catharines
2Avondale Alternative Elementary School101/3037North York
3St Justin Martyr Catholic Elementary School101/3037Unionville
4Whitney Junior Public School101/3037Toronto
5ÉÉC Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys-Markham101/3037Markham
6Rosedale Junior Public School9.918/3037Toronto
7Bayview Fairways Public School9.819/3037Thornhill
8Colchester North Public School9.819/3037Essex
9Iona Academy9.819/3037Williamstown
10Donald Cousens Public School9.722/3037Markham
11Kennedy Public School9.722/3037Scarborough
12Sacred Heart School9.722/3037Mildmay
13Stonebridge Public School9.722/3037Markham
14ÉÉC Le-Petit-Prince9.722/3037Vaughan
15St Agnes Separate School9.627/3037Brampton
16Errol Village Public School9.530/3037Camlachie
17Henderson Avenue Public School9.530/3037Thornhill
18Silver Stream Public School9.530/3037Richmond Hill
19St John of the Cross School9.530/3037Mississauga
20William Berczy Public School9.530/3037Unionville
21Christ the King Catholic Elementary School9.435/3037Richmond Hill
22St Rose of Lima Separate School9.435/3037Mississauga
23Stephen Leacock Public School9.435/3037Kanata
24Woodland Public School9.435/3037St Catharines
25École élémentaire Horizon Jeunesse9.435/3037Mississauga
26C D Farquharson Junior Public School9.342/3037Scarborough
27St Joseph Catholic School9.342/3037River Canard
28St Michael’s Choir (Jr) School9.342/3037Toronto
29École élémentaire catholique L’Étoile-de-l’Est9.342/3037Orléans
30Codrington Public School9.246/3037Barrie
31Cottingham Junior Public School9.246/3037Toronto
32Gracefield Public School9.246/3037St Catharines
33John Ross Robertson Junior Public School9.246/3037Toronto
34Masonville Public School9.246/3037London
35Oakridge Public School9.246/3037St Catharines
36Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary School9.246/3037Carlisle
37Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School9.246/3037Toronto
38St Mark Separate School9.246/3037Mississauga
39St. John XXIII Catholic Elementary School9.246/3037Mississauga
40St. Luke Catholic Elementary School9.246/3037Oakville
41Summit Heights Public School9.246/3037North York
42W. Erskine Johnston Public School9.246/3037Kanata
43École élémentaire catholique Arc-en-ciel9.246/3037Orléans
44Joshua Creek Public School9.160/3037Oakville
45Laurelwood Public School9.160/3037Waterloo
46Michael Cranny Elementary School9.160/3037Maple
47Pleasantville Public School9.160/3037Richmond Hill
48St Bonaventure Catholic School9.160/3037Toronto
49St Charles Garnier Catholic Elementary School9.160/3037Richmond Hill
50St. John XXIII Separate School9.160/3037Arnprior

Ontario Private Elementary Schools Ranking – Top 45 Best Private Elementary Schools in Ontario

RankingSchoolScore 2018-19Rank 2018-19City
1Ahlul Bayt Islamic School101/3037Ottawa
2Ahmadiyya Elementary School101/3037Mississauga
3Al-Ameen Elementary School101/3037Brampton
4Al-Falah Islamic101/3037Oakville
5IQRA Islamic School101/3037Mississauga
6ISNA Islamic School101/3037Mississauga
7Islamic Foundation School – Durham101/3037Ajax
8Khalsa Community School101/3037Brampton
9Khalsa School Malton101/3037Mississauga
10Safa & Marwa Islamic School101/3037Mississauga
11Sathya Sai School, Toronto, Canada101/3037Toronto
12St Mildred’s-Lightbourn School101/3037Oakville
13Islamic Institute of Toronto Academy9.627/3037Scarborough
14Salaheddin Islamic School9.627/3037Scarborough
15Islamic Foundation School9.435/3037Scarborough
16Northmount School9.435/3037Toronto
17Bialik Hebrew Day School9.160/3037Toronto
18Olive Grove School8.7118/3037Mississauga
19Wali ul Asr School8.7118/3037Caledon
20An-Noor Private School8.6131/3037Windsor
21AI-Manarat Heights8.3203/3037Mississauga
22Islamic School of Hamilton8.3203/3037Hamilton
23Khairul Ummah School8.3203/3037Scarborough
24Wali ul Asr School -GTA West Campus7.9346/3037Brampton
25Abraar School – Elementary6.81048/3037Ottawa
26Maingate Islamic Academy6.81048/3037Mississauga
27Walpole Island6.51277/3037Wallaceburg
28Tsi Snaihne6.31409/3037Akwesasne
29Mnjikaning Kendaaswin42643/3037Rama
30Quinte Mohawk3.92678/3037Deseronto
31Oliver M Smith-Kawenni io3.52760/3037Ohsweken
32Emily C General3.22810/3037Ohsweken
33Ahkwesahsne Mohawk2.42922/3037Akwesasne
34I L Thomas Odadrihonyani’ta’2.22939/3037Ohsweken
36Deer Lake First Nations1.82965/3037Deer Lake
37Hillside1.52983/3037Kettle & Stony Point First Nation
39Chief Simeon McKay Education Centre0.73010/3037Kasabonika
40Abe Scatch Memorial03024/3037Poplar Hill
41Biidaaban Kinoomagegamik03024/3037Massey
43Obishikokaang03024/3037Lac Seul
44Simon Jacob Memorial Education Centre03024/3037Webequie
45Thomas Fiddler Memorial Private High Sch03024/3037Sandy Lake

Ontario Elementary Schools Ranking By City

Unlocking Ontario’s Top Elementary Schools: A City-by-City Guide.

Parents in Ontario, listen up! Finding the best elementary school for your child just got easier, especially if you’re in Brampton, Markham, Mississauga, or Ottawa. These cities are packed with fantastic options, and we’re here to guide you to the cream of the crop.

Brampton: When it comes to Brampton, you’ve got some stellar elementary schools. Look out for the ones with top-notch academic programs, a caring environment, and extracurricular activities that encourage all-round growth.

Markham: Markham is a gem for quality elementary education. Seek schools with a history of excellent performance, strong community involvement, and dedicated staff.

Mississauga: Mississauga offers a diverse range of elementary schools. Consider those with a track record of high achievements, a welcoming atmosphere, and various enrichment programs.

Ottawa: In the capital city, you’re spoiled for choice. Opt for elementary schools known for their academic rigour, diversity, and support for students’ unique needs.
Remember, while rankings matter, visiting the schools and talking to other parents for a well-rounded picture is essential. Your child’s future starts with the right elementary school!

Brampton Elementary Schools Ranking – Top 50 Best Elementary Schools in Brampton ON

RankingSchool NameScore 2018-19Rank 2018-19City
1Al-Ameen Elementary School101/3037Brampton
2Khalsa Community School101/3037Brampton
3St Agnes Separate School9.627/3037Brampton
4Ray Lawson8.1267/3037Brampton
5Castlemore Public School8301/3037Brampton
6Beryl Ford7.9346/3037Brampton
7Wali ul Asr School -GTA West Campus7.9346/3037Brampton
8Ingleborough (Elementary)7.8392/3037Brampton
9James Grieve Public School7.8392/3037Brampton
10Churchville Public School7.7449/3037Brampton
11St Jean Brebeuf Separate School7.5577/3037Brampton
12Eldorado P.S. (Elementary)7.4630/3037Brampton
13St Kevin School7.4630/3037Brampton
14Mount Royal Public School7.3688/3037Brampton
15Sir Isaac Brock P.S. (Elementary)7.3688/3037Brampton
16Springbrook P.S. (Elementary)7.3688/3037Brampton
17Eagle Plains Public School7.2766/3037Brampton
18Great Lakes Public School7.2766/3037Brampton
19Walnut Grove P.S. (Elementary)7.2766/3037Brampton
20École élémentaire Carrefour des Jeunes7.2766/3037Brampton
21St. Josephine Bakhita Catholic Elementary School7.1824/3037Brampton
22Bishop Francis Allen Catholic School7893/3037Brampton
23Mountain Ash (Elementary)7893/3037Brampton
24Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Elementary School7893/3037Brampton
25Roberta Bondar Public School7893/3037Brampton
26St. Jean-Marie Vianney Catholic Elementary School7893/3037Brampton
27Treeline Public School7893/3037Brampton
28Whaley’s Corners Public School7893/3037Brampton
29ÉÉC Sainte-Jeanne-d’Arc7893/3037Brampton
30Castle Oaks Public School6.9978/3037Brampton
31McClure PS (Elementary)6.81048/3037Brampton
32Ross Drive P.S. (Elementary)6.81048/3037Brampton
33St Ursula Elementary School6.81048/3037Brampton
34Holy Spirit Catholic Elementary School6.71119/3037Brampton
35Lester B Pearson Catholic School6.71119/3037Brampton
36Shaw Public School6.71119/3037Brampton
37St. Jacinta Marto Catholic Elementary School6.71119/3037Brampton
38Lorenville P.S. (Elementary)6.51277/3037Brampton
39St Joachim Separate School6.51277/3037Brampton
40Father Clair Tipping School6.41338/3037Brampton
41St Angela Merici Catholic Elementary School6.41338/3037Brampton
42St Rita Elementary School6.41338/3037Brampton
43St Stephen Separate School6.41338/3037Brampton
44St. Alphonsa Catholic Elementary School6.41338/3037Brampton
45Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School6.31409/3037Brampton
46St Isaac Jogues Elementary School6.31409/3037Brampton
47St. Daniel Comboni Catholic Elementary School6.21467/3037Brampton
48Venerable Michael McGivney Catholic Elementary School6.21467/3037Brampton
49Aylesbury Public School6.11540/3037Brampton
50Fairlawn Elementary Public School6.11540/3037Brampton

Markham Elementary Schools Ranking – Top 47 Best Elementary Schools in Markham ON

RankingSchool NameScore 2018-19Rank 2018-19City
1ÉÉC Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys-Markham101/3037Markham
2Donald Cousens Public School9.722/3037Markham
3Stonebridge Public School9.722/3037Markham
4Coledale Public School8.983/3037Markham
5Franklin Street Public School8.897/3037Markham
6San Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic Elementary School8.897/3037Markham
7Unionville Meadows Public School8.897/3037Markham
8Mount Joy Public School8.7118/3037Markham
9Roy H Crosby Public School8.7118/3037Markham
10Castlemore Elementary Public School8.6131/3037Markham
11Central Park Public School8.6131/3037Markham
12Sir Richard W Scott Catholic Elementary School8.6131/3037Markham
13Parkland Public School8.4169/3037Markham
14Victoria Square Public School8.4169/3037Markham
15Beckett Farm Public School8.3203/3037Markham
16Lincoln Alexander Public School8.3203/3037Markham
17Wismer Public School8.3203/3037Markham
18Black Walnut Public School8.2228/3037Markham
19Fred Varley Public School8.2228/3037Markham
20St Joseph Catholic Elementary School8.1267/3037Markham
21St Julia Billiart Catholic Elementary School8.1267/3037Markham
22Buttonville Public School8301/3037Markham
23David Suzuki Public School8301/3037Markham
24Highgate Public School8301/3037Markham
25John McCrae Public School8301/3037Markham
26St Francis Xavier Catholic Elementary School8301/3037Markham
27Boxwood Public School7.8392/3037Markham
28E T Crowle Public School7.8392/3037Markham
29Randall Public School7.8392/3037Markham
30Ashton Meadows Public School7.7449/3037Markham
31Cedarwood Public School7.6513/3037Markham
32Cornell Village Public School7.6513/3037Markham
33Sir John A. Macdonald Public School7.6513/3037Markham
34William Armstrong Public School7.5577/3037Markham
35Greensborough Public School7.4630/3037Markham
36Ramer Wood Public School7.4630/3037Markham
37Coppard Glen Public School7.2766/3037Markham
38Reesor Park Public School7.2766/3037Markham
39St Patrick Catholic Elementary School7.2766/3037Markham
40Wilclay Public School7893/3037Markham
41Armadale Public School6.81048/3037Markham
42Little Rouge Public School6.81048/3037Markham
43St Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Elementary School6.81048/3037Markham
44James Robinson Public School6.61195/3037Markham
45Ellen Fairclough Public School6.41338/3037Markham
46Legacy Public School6.41338/3037Markham
47Markham Gateway Public School6.21467/3037Markham

Mississauga Elementary Schools Ranking – Top 50 Best Elementary Schools in Mississauga ON

RankingSchool NameScore 2018-19Rank 2018-19City
1Ahmadiyya Elementary School10Jan-37Mississauga
2IQRA Islamic School10Jan-37Mississauga
3ISNA Islamic School10Jan-37Mississauga
4Khalsa School Malton10Jan-37Mississauga
5Safa & Marwa Islamic School10Jan-37Mississauga
6St John of the Cross School9.530/3037Mississauga
7St Rose of Lima Separate School9.435/3037Mississauga
8École élémentaire Horizon Jeunesse9.435/3037Mississauga
9St Mark Separate School9.246/3037Mississauga
10St. John XXIII Catholic Elementary School9.246/3037Mississauga
11St David of Wales Separate School8.897/3037Mississauga
12St Edmund Separate School8.897/3037Mississauga
13Sts Martha & Mary Separate School8.897/3037Mississauga
14Olive Grove School8.7118/3037Mississauga
15Hawthorn Public School8.4169/3037Mississauga
16ÉÉC Ange-Gabriel8.4169/3037Mississauga
17AI-Manarat Heights8.3203/3037Mississauga
18St Thomas More School8.3203/3037Mississauga
19St Therese of the Child Jesus (Elementary) Separate School8.1267/3037Mississauga
20St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic Elementary School8.1267/3037Mississauga
21Our Lady of Good Voyage Catholic School8301/3037Mississauga
22Queen of Heaven School8301/3037Mississauga
23St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Elementary School8301/3037Mississauga
24Ellengale Public School7.9346/3037Mississauga
25St Gregory School7.9346/3037Mississauga
26St Helen Separate School7.9346/3037Mississauga
27St Timothy School7.9346/3037Mississauga
28St Louis School7.8392/3037Mississauga
29Our Lady of Mercy Elementary School7.7449/3037Mississauga
30Divine Mercy School7.6513/3037Mississauga
31St. Barbara Elementary School7.6513/3037Mississauga
32St. James Catholic Global Learning Centr7.6513/3037Mississauga
33San Lorenzo Ruiz Elementary School7.5577/3037Mississauga
34St Albert of Jerusalem Elementary School7.5577/3037Mississauga
35Kenollie Public School7.4630/3037Mississauga
36Mineola Public School7.4630/3037Mississauga
37Plum Tree Park Public School7.4630/3037Mississauga
38St Veronica Elementary School7.4630/3037Mississauga
39Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School7.4630/3037Mississauga
40ÉÉC Saint-Jean-Baptiste7.4630/3037Mississauga
41St Edith Stein Elementary School7.3688/3037Mississauga
42St Philip Elementary School7.3688/3037Mississauga
43St Simon Stock Elementary School7.3688/3037Mississauga
44St Sofia School7.3688/3037Mississauga
45Springfield Public School7.2766/3037Mississauga
46St Christopher School7.2766/3037Mississauga
47St Clare School7.2766/3037Mississauga
48St Matthew Separate School7.2766/3037Mississauga
49Bishop Scalabrini School7.1824/3037Mississauga
50St Catherine of Siena School7.1824/3037Mississauga

Ottawa Elementary Schools Ranking – Top 50 Best Elementary Schools in Ottawa ON

RankingSchool NameScore 2018-19Rank 2018-19City
1Ahlul Bayt Islamic School101/3037Ottawa
2Elmdale Public School8.983/3037Ottawa
3Devonshire Community Public School8.3203/3037Ottawa
4Rockcliffe Park Public School8.2228/3037Ottawa
5Hopewell Avenue Public School8301/3037Ottawa
6École élémentaire catholique George-Étienne-Cartier7.9346/3037Ottawa
7Woodroffe Avenue Public School7.8392/3037Ottawa
8École élémentaire catholique Bernard-Grandmaître7.8392/3037Ottawa
9Chapman Mills Elementary School7.7449/3037Ottawa
10Elgin Street Public School7.7449/3037Ottawa
11St George Elementary School7.7449/3037Ottawa
12St. Gemma Elementary School7.7449/3037Ottawa
13École élémentaire catholique Marius-Barbeau7.7449/3037Ottawa
14Westwind Public School7.6513/3037Ottawa
15École élémentaire catholique d’enseignement personnalisé Édouard-Bond7.6513/3037Ottawa
16St Thomas More Elementary School7.5577/3037Ottawa
17École élémentaire catholique Jean-Robert-Gauthier7.5577/3037Ottawa
18École élémentaire catholique Saint-François-d’Assise7.4630/3037Ottawa
19Broadview Public School7.3688/3037Ottawa
20Mutchmor Public School7.3688/3037Ottawa
21Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School7.3688/3037Ottawa
22École élémentaire catholique d’enseignement personnalisé Lamoureux7.3688/3037Ottawa
23École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Kateri7.2766/3037Ottawa
24Connaught Public School7.1824/3037Ottawa
25Dr F J McDonald Catholic Elementary School7.1824/3037Ottawa
26First Avenue Public School7.1824/3037Ottawa
27École élémentaire publique Charlotte Lemieux7.1824/3037Ottawa
28École élémentaire publique Francojeunesse7.1824/3037Ottawa
29Summerside Public School7893/3037Ottawa
30École élémentaire catholique Terre-des-Jeunes7893/3037Ottawa
31Hilson Avenue Public School6.9978/3037Ottawa
32Abraar School – Elementary6.81048/3037Ottawa
33St Bernard Elementary School6.81048/3037Ottawa
34Corpus Christi Catholic Elementary School6.71119/3037Ottawa
35École élémentaire catholique Notre-Dame-des-Champs6.71119/3037Ottawa
36St Anthony Elementary School6.61195/3037Ottawa
37Vincent Massey Public School6.61195/3037Ottawa
38Our Lady of Victory Elementary School6.41338/3037Ottawa
39St Marguerite d’Youville Elementary School6.31409/3037Ottawa
40École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Anne6.31409/3037Ottawa
41Churchill Alternative School6.21467/3037Ottawa
42École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Geneviève6.21467/3037Ottawa
43Alta Vista Public School6.11540/3037Ottawa
44Manor Park Public School6.11540/3037Ottawa
45Our Lady of Mount Carmel Elementary School6.11540/3037Ottawa
46Pleasant Park Public School6.11540/3037Ottawa
47St Augustine Elementary School6.11540/3037Ottawa
48St Daniel Elementary School6.11540/3037Ottawa
49École élémentaire catholique Montfort6.11540/3037Ottawa
50École élémentaire publique Séraphin-Marion5.41991/3037Ottawa

Oakville Elementary Schools Ranking – Top 46 Best Elementary Schools in Oakville ON

RankingSchool NameScore 2018-19Rank 2018-19City
1Al-Falah Islamic10Jan-37Oakville
2St Mildred’s-Lightbourn School10Jan-37Oakville
3St. Luke Catholic Elementary School9.246/3037Oakville
4Joshua Creek Public School9.160/3037Oakville
5Forest Trail Public School (Elementary)970/3037Oakville
6E J James Public School8.983/3037Oakville
7Pilgrim Wood Public School8.983/3037Oakville
8Munn’s Public School8.897/3037Oakville
9James W. Hill Public School8.7118/3037Oakville
10Sunningdale Public School8.7118/3037Oakville
11St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School8.6131/3037Oakville
12St. Andrew Catholic Elementary School8.3203/3037Oakville
13Heritage Glen Public School8.2228/3037Oakville
14Oodenawi Public School8.2228/3037Oakville
15St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Elementary School8.2228/3037Oakville
16Pine Grove Public School8301/3037Oakville
17St. Dominic Catholic Elementary School8301/3037Oakville
18Captain R. Wilson Public School7.8392/3037Oakville
19Maple Grove Public School7.8392/3037Oakville
20New Central Public School7.8392/3037Oakville
21St. Marguerite d’Youville Catholic Elementary School7.8392/3037Oakville
22Brookdale Public School7.7449/3037Oakville
23Post’s Corners Public School7.7449/3037Oakville
24St. Mary Catholic Elementary School7.7449/3037Oakville
25École élémentaire Patricia-Picknell7.6513/3037Oakville
26École élémentaire du Chêne7.6513/3037Oakville
27ÉÉC Sainte-Marie-Oakville7.6513/3037Oakville
28West Oak Public School7.5577/3037Oakville
29St. John Paul II Catholic Elementary School7.3688/3037Oakville
30W H Morden Public School7.3688/3037Oakville
31River Oaks Public School7.2766/3037Oakville
32St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School7.2766/3037Oakville
33St. Nicholas Catholic Elementary School7.2766/3037Oakville
34Eastview Public School7893/3037Oakville
35St. Gregory the Great Catholic Elementary School7893/3037Oakville
36St. Vincent Catholic Elementary School6.9978/3037Oakville
37Palermo Public School6.81048/3037Oakville
38Falgarwood Public School6.71119/3037Oakville
39Emily Carr Public School6.61195/3037Oakville
40Gladys Speers Public School6.61195/3037Oakville
41St. Michael Catholic Elementary School6.61195/3037Oakville
42Our Lady of Peace Catholic Elementary School6.31409/3037Oakville
43Holy Family Catholic Elementary School61617/3037Oakville
44St. Joan of Arc Catholic Elementary School5.91683/3037Oakville
45Abbey Lane Public School5.32041/3037Oakville
46Montclair Public School3.72726/3037Oakville

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