SFU Condo Prices Chart

SFU Condo Price Chart

The Pulse of Condo Sales at Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Nestled atop Burnaby Mountain, condos near Simon Fraser University (SFU) offer a unique blend of academia and panoramic views. If you’re considering buying or selling in this locale, here’s a snapshot of the 2023 condo market:

  • 1 Bedroom Condos: These are listed at an average price of $499,728 and typically sell for about $497,091. When you break it down by size, buyers pay roughly $801/sqft.
  • 2 Bedroom Condos: Listed at an average of $734,847, they generally sell for a slightly reduced average of $681,422. This equates to an average of $729/sqft, marginally lower per square foot than their 1 bedroom counterparts.
  • 3 Bedroom Condos: The larger 3 bedroom condos have an average list price of $989,385. However, their selling price dips to an average of $863,090, translating to about $690/sqft.

Across the board, condos around SFU spend an average of 28 days on the market. This brisk pace suggests a steady demand and underscores the region’s appeal. Whether you’re an investor, a university employee, or love the environment, SFU’s condos offer a compelling real estate opportunity. Stay tuned for more insights as we monitor the pulse of SFU’s vibrant condo market!

Burnaby SFU Condo Sales Stats

SFU Condo MLS Home Price Index (HPI) Price

Click here to download PDF File: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/OAXn-mDQ

SFU Condo Average Sales Price

Click here to download PDF File: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/OAXc-TSW

SFU Condo Average Listing to Contract Days

Click here to download PDF File: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/OAsm-9JY

SFU Condo Average Price Per Square Foot

Click here to download PDF File: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/OAsf-eMj

SFU Condos for Sale Total Inventory

Click here to download PDF File: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/OAsY-l59

SFU Condos for Sale New Listings

Click here to download PDF File: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/OAsE-AF6

SFU Condo Sales

Click here to download PDF File: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/OAs8-MVS

SFU Condo Sales to Actives Ratio

Click here to download PDF File: https://statscentre.rebgv.org/infoserv/s-v1/OAsS-dRO

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