How to Maximize Your Space

When you are at university, you do not always have the luxury of ample living space, especially if you have a roommate. Sometimes you have to squeeze all your clothes into one dresser, leave some of your shoes at your parents’ home or store some of your belongings in places you normally would not. Having a small space is not necessarily a disadvantage; it just means you have to be more economical. Here are some tips on how to maximize your space so you can be comfortable and cozy without sacrificing your favorite items.

Use Mirrors and Glass

Use mirrors and glass objects to create the illusion of more space in your new home. Placing mirrors and glass around your room will create reflections and light and will make your space look bigger and brighter. Fill your space with items that are functional and decorative.

Go Vertical

Just because there is not a lot of room in your new place does not mean you cannot have a lot of things. Use the vertical space in your room by stacking crates or bins on top of each other. You will use the same amount of room and be able to store more of your belongings. Use a corner shelf to create storage space in a place that would otherwise remain ignored and unused. You can even install an over-the-bed shelf, a great space-saver and place to keep more of your precious items.

Raise Your Bed for More Storage

The space beneath your bed is a great place to keep things you will not need to use often. Magazines, clothes you rarely wear and extra supplies are all items you can store in bins (or even vacuum-sealed containers) under your bed. Raising your bed will create space in your room you did not think you had.

Use Hanging Space

Use your wall space — you can store a lot of items without using space on your floor, dresser or desks. You can also use your door for extra space by hanging a jewelry rack, shoe organizer or laundry bag over the top or doorknob. Install a hanging shoe rack in your closet or a bulletin board on your wall to hang your notes, papers and flyers. Organization is your best friend.

Tidy Your Desk Area

Is your desk cluttered and barely good for working? Create more space and more peace of mind in your working area by organizing your desk. Use each desk drawer for a specific purpose. Get a lamp with storage pockets to hold your pencils, paperclips, staples and other items that may otherwise be strewn across the desk. Small changes can make big differences and an even bigger space.

If you are an international student preparing to attend university in Canada, our website will help you find your ideal home. When you are ready to move in to your new home, use these tips to create your perfect, spacious space.

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