Navigating Calgary High Schools Ranking: A Quick Guide for Parents 2023

calgary high school students

Hey Calgary parents! On the lookout for the top-tier high schools for your soon-to-be grad? Filtering through the choices can feel like a marathon, but we have the shortcut ready. Dive deep into the Fraser Institute Ranking Report Cards on Alberta’s High Schools in 2023 for the full scoop.

The Fraser Institute Ranking is a treasure trove of insights. Quick heads-up: the top 3 shining stars in Calgary High Schools right now are:

  1. Renert School
  2. Rundle College
  3. Webber Academy

You can make a brilliant selection with these guides and a dash of parental intuition. It’s time to ace that high school search in Calgary!

Calgary High Schools Ranking – Top 46 Best High Schools in Calgary

RankingSchool NameScore 2018 – 19Rank 2018 – 19City
1Renert School101/253Calgary
2Rundle College101/253Calgary
4West Island College9.85/253Calgary
5Foundations for the Future (FFCA)9.48/253Calgary
6Bearspaw Christian9.111/253Calgary
7Clear Water9.111/253Calgary
8Master’s College913/253Calgary
9Calgary Academy Collegiate8.815/253Calgary
10Western Canada8.815/253Calgary
12Ernest Manning8.719/253Calgary
13Rundle College Academy8.423/253Calgary
14Sir Winston Churchill8.423/253Calgary
15William Aberhart8.423/253Calgary
17Bishop Carroll833/253Calgary
18Dr. E. P. Scarlett833/253Calgary
19National Sport7.936/253Calgary
20Calgary Christian7.838/253Calgary
22Henry Wise Wood7.546/253Calgary
23Notre Dame7.251/253Calgary
24St. Francis7.251/253Calgary
25John G Diefenbaker7.156/253Calgary
26Heritage Christian6.873/253Calgary
27Queen Elizabeth6.873/253Calgary
28Bishop O’Byrne6.778/253Calgary
31St. Mary’s6.593/253Calgary
33Bishop McNally6.2114/253Calgary
34Crescent Heights6.2114/253Calgary
35Bishop Grandin6.1122/253Calgary
37Nelson Mandela5.6148/253Calgary
38Robert Thirsk5.6148/253Calgary
39Calgary Academy5.4160/253Calgary
40Central Memorial5.3165/253Calgary
41Father Lacombe5.2174/253Calgary
42Lester B. Pearson5.1178/253Calgary
43Lord Beaverbrook5.1178/253Calgary
44Forest Lawn4.2213/253Calgary
45Calgary Islamic4.1215/253Calgary
46James Fowler3.6227/253Calgary

Calgary Public High Schools Ranking – Top 25 Best Public High Schools in Calgary

RankingSchool NameScore 2018 – 19Rank 2018 – 19City
1Master’s College913/253Calgary
2Western Canada8.815/253Calgary
3Ernest Manning8.719/253Calgary
4Sir Winston Churchill8.423/253Calgary
5William Aberhart8.423/253Calgary
7Dr. E. P. Scarlett833/253Calgary
8National Sport7.936/253Calgary
9Calgary Christian7.838/253Calgary
11Henry Wise Wood7.546/253Calgary
12John G Diefenbaker7.156/253Calgary
13Heritage Christian6.873/253Calgary
14Queen Elizabeth6.873/253Calgary
16Crescent Heights6.2114/253Calgary
18Nelson Mandela5.6148/253Calgary
19Robert Thirsk5.6148/253Calgary
20Central Memorial5.3165/253Calgary
21Lester B. Pearson5.1178/253Calgary
22Lord Beaverbrook5.1178/253Calgary
23Forest Lawn4.2213/253Calgary
24Calgary Islamic4.1215/253Calgary
25James Fowler3.6227/253Calgary

Calgary Private High Schools Ranking – Top 10 Best Private High Schools in Calgary

RankingSchool NameScore 2018 – 19Rank 2018 – 19City
1Renert School101/253Calgary
2Rundle College101/253Calgary
4West Island College9.85/253Calgary
5Bearspaw Christian9.111/253Calgary
6Calgary Academy Collegiate8.815/253Calgary
7Rundle College Academy8.423/253Calgary
10Calgary Academy5.4160/253Calgary

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