Attractions Not to be Missed in Burnaby

Now that you have the perfect new place in Burnaby, it is time to get out there and explore that big, beautiful new city. There are a ton of fun attractions to see and do in Burnaby and now you are in the prime spot to do all of those things. There are events that range from romantic getaways to fun times with the whole family. This list of sights and sounds will show all of the amazing attractions just waiting outside your door in the Burnaby area with SFU reality.

Burnaby Village Museum

This museum is where history comes to life. The Village Museum in Burnaby is an awesome attraction. Set up in old town style, you can truly travel back in time and experience the way things were when times were simpler. This open-air museum sits on 10 acres that include a blacksmith shop, a general store and a print shop.

Central Park

The Central Park of Burnaby is the perfect place to go for some quiet relaxation or fun in the sun, all the while staying near your new SFU reality property. This 86-acre urban park stands complete with giant Douglas furs, excellent sporting places and even an 18-hole golf course. This beautiful setting is the backdrop to an adventurous date or the place that you and your family can spend countless hours at. You have to make the central park a must on your next outing.

Shadbolt Centre for Arts

If you or your loved ones are lovers of fine art and crave some learning and education on your fun family field trip, then look no further than the Shadbolt Centre for Arts. Celebrating over 20 years in the Burnaby area, this place is consistently hosting events and shows all year long. With arts programs, activities for kids and a plethora of other happenings, this institution is the best place for some educational fun near your new SFU reality property.

Simon Frasier University

With those of us with young ones on the precipice of college, look into Simon Frasier University, located on top of Burnaby Mountain. For 50 years, SFU has provided Burnaby with one of the most community-integrated institutions in the whole country, and has been a staple in the community of Burnaby for years. With their massive expansion, affordable prices and societal contributions, SFU is the place to be for your formative college years.

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