A Single Family Home Might be Your Best Option for SFU Real Estate

Finding a home is an exciting venture, especially if it is your first. There is something satisfying about finding a place that is all your own, that you can go to each night after your work and classes are complete, plop onto the couch and embrace the feeling of belonging in “your space.”

Before you can have that luxury, you have to set off on the seemingly monumental task of actually finding the SFU real estate that will be yours for a while. There are many types of homes to choose between. You could go with the cozy condo or a trendy townhome, but you know that you need a bit more space and would love some extra benefits.

Many college students do not consider single family homes when looking for their first property, but they should. Owning a single family home offers many benefits that you will not have with a condo or townhouse. Here are some reasons why a single family home might be your best option for SFU real estate.

The Space

You will be hard-pressed to find a condo or townhome that has the space of a single family home. Sure, you might find one that has three bedrooms and even a decent sized living room, but attached properties nearly always lack the storage and closet space that is found with a single family house. The kitchens, bathrooms and other utility spaces are also larger than those in other types of homes most of the time. Since college students are known to acquire a lot of belongings through their years in school, this space is much appreciated.

The Potential

When you are in a condo or townhome, most people sense the notion that one day they will move on to bigger and better things — a single family home. It is hard to feel “at home” when you have this on your shoulders. A single family home could be your forever place of living. There is potential to grow at these types of properties. You can easily get married and raise a family in your home in the future. Moving too quickly? Single family homes have plenty of space for a few furry companions.

An Investment

Yes, it is true that owning a single family home can be costly, but these costs are an investment that could pay off long term when you go to sell your house. Detached homes speak to a larger buying audience, giving them the potential to sell quicker than their counterparts. You could also earn extra income with your home by renting it out later down the line. As you are getting started on your home owning journey through school, you might want to consider having a roommate to ease some of the financial burden.

The Backyard

Some people cannot do without a great outdoor space. If you are one of those people, skip the condos and townhomes and go straight to searching for your perfect single family property. This will give you the back yard that you desire.

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