Sam Huang

April 22, 2015

Deciding to return to school as an adult is challenging, but continuing your education on top of the exceptionally difficult task of being a single parent can be daunting. Giving yourself the opportunities that come with having a college education is well worth the hardships of returning to school. Great colleges, such as the University of Calgary, offer single parents a bright future through a large and diverse range of academic programs.

Managing your child, or children, along with your courses takes great dedication and motivation — two driving factors that propel mothers and fathers to keep moving forward on a daily basis. Here are some tips for single parents who are seeking a higher education.

  1. Take Your Time

Single parents are often very pressed for time. There is work, the kids, your relationships and maintaining a household — how will successfully attending school fit into an already full schedule? There are an abundance of universities that offer flexible degree pathways and academic programs to meet the needs of those who have little time to spare.

Attending school online is especially beneficial to parents, as they allow the student to set their own schedule and log onto their program at any time and from any location. Take your time earning your education, schedule study time around your already existing responsibilities.

  1. Scholarships and Grants

Being a single parent alone can be financially difficult. You may find yourself working multiple jobs to cover the bills. For this reason, it is important that you take the time to discover scholarships and grants. Your past academic record, income level and chosen degree path are all factors that may get you much needed money for your college tuition.

  1. Have a Network of Support

Having a support network of people who are available to help you and lift you up is critical to your success as a student when you are also a single parent. You may need a good friend to pick up your child so you can take a big exam, or you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed and needing a person to lean on.

You should never be scared to ask for help. There are many groups created at universities that are formed specifically for single parents to network, share common interests and offer one another support on the journey of earning a college degree.

  1. Involve Your Children

Children are highly motivated to learn new things. Seeing a parent work at studying and completing tasks for school sets a great example that they will carry throughout their own educational path.

When you are doing homework, have the kids do theirs too. Show them what you are learning and get involved in the children’s studies. You are the biggest support your kids have, and they might just be your biggest motivators as well. Make education a positive family activity.

  1. Take Time for You

You are a super parent. You juggle work, children, school and a household — but that gets very overwhelming and exhausting. Take time to recoup and regain your tenacity. Being extremely tired makes it nearly impossible to learn new information.

Though it may seem impractical to dedicate a moment to yourself, it is absolutely necessary and should be a top priority. This time can be spent grabbing your favorite lunch, enjoying a book or simply setting the alarm clock for an hour later.

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