UBC Vancouver

Getting to Campus

Getting to class is easy for UBC students, because Vancouver’s transit system (Translink) is both incredibly thorough and very well maintained.

In cooperation with the city’s transit provider, the university offers students a special U-Pass that lets them use buses, trains and boats in the Translink system to move around the city. The U-Pass is a mandatory expense that is included in the student fees for all students registered full time at the UBC, but don’t worry, it only costs students about $40.00 a month.

Endowment Lands

For students living in the University Endowment Lands, walking to class is probably the easiest answer. The neighbourhood is directly attached to campus. Even in the winter, Vancouver’s climate is fairly mild and unlikely to make the walk terribly uncomfortable for those possessing a decent jacket and an umbrella.

Students wishing to take the bus could potentially take the 033, but the ride may take longer than the walk would be, depending on traffic and the location of the nearest bus stop.

Students residing in Point Grey can reach campus via the 044 and 084 that run every 10 minutes, the 009 that runs every 12 minutes, and the 004 that runs every 15 minutes. Students will arrive on campus in less than 20 minutes using any of these routes.

Seeing the Sights

The student neighbourhoods surrounding UBC are conveniently close to central Vancouver and a multitude of attractions. The Celebration of Light and the Vancouver Aquarium can be accessed via the 002 and 022 bus routes, both of which run every 8 minutes. The trip to either venue is less than 30 minutes long.

Unlike many cities, Vancouver made sure to keep their natural wonders accessible by public transit. The 002 bus and the 022 bus will also get students to Grouse Mountain, though the ride is a bit longer at about an hour. Having a bus route that gives students easy access to the mountain is a wonderful way to ensure that they can fully enjoy the stunning natural landscape that defines the Canadian west coast.

Lynn Canyon Park can be reached from Point Grey using a combination of the 998 sea bus (which is a ferry boat from downtown Vancouver to North Vancouver across the Burrard Inlet) and the 228 bus route. The entire trip takes around an hour and a half, but the dazzling park is well worth the ride. After getting off the bus there is a short walk of less than a kilometre to the entrance of the park.

Exploring the City

Some of the first stops adventurous students should make are in Gastown and Granville, the city’s entertainment hubs. Gastown can be accessed via the 004 or 007 bus routes, which come every 8 minutes. Granville is serviced by the 010 bus route, which arrives every 15 minutes. Both of these trips should take about 30 minutes.

There is a lot to explore in Vancouver, so students should be prepared to spend lots of time learning all of the wonderful places the city has to offer. Although Vancouver’s transit system is split into zones that add fare upgrades and extra fees for regular commuters, the U-Pass covers all zones so that students can explore the city easily.