UBC Vancouver

The office of International Student Development is located in International House, a dedicated space for meeting the needs of the many international students who attend the University of British Columbia every year.

They provide students with countless services, including step-by-step online tutorials for obtaining important documents needed for your stay. The International Student Advisers are available on a walk-in basis to help students with academic, emotional and social concerns. Unlike many universities, UBC also keeps Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants on staff, so students will always have someone to go to in case a visa or permit issue arises.

A student orientation is provided for incoming international students each fall, with lots of helpful information to make sure everyone adjusts and settles in comfortably when they arrive in Canada.

Not only does the staff provide support for students going through cultural transition, but they also support students in issues of safety and equality. No student should ever have to face harassment, violence or discrimination The people at the International Student Development office see to it that international students can live free of worry, knowing that someone is there to help.

The wonderful part about attending a university that has a dedicated space like International House is the increased capacity for community building and socialization.

Students who are living far from home will have many opportunities to socialize and interact with other international students. Any student who is worried about homesickness or loneliness can rest assured that the diverse international community at the UBC will help them cope.