Tips on How to Organize Your Home

home organization

Owning a home is an important part of a person’s life. Regardless of what type of home that may be, house, condo, or apartment, organization is an important consideration for comfort and cutting down on the “where the heck is my _________” moments. Many people are balancing work, school and family responsibilities as well as those that come with keeping a house. It is all too easy to let clutter overtake your space. This clutter can make even simple tasks difficult and time consuming. Read on to discover some simple ways to keep your home organized so that getting out the door to work or for class is quick and easy.

Create Dedicated Space

Today’s electronic world gives us the ability to do almost any task anywhere in our home. Sometimes, this versatility is a blessing, but it can oftentimes be a curse. Mixing our sleeping space with our study/work space and our entertainment space is a mistake many people make on a daily basis. Determine the areas in your home that you will use for specific purposes. Find a place to set up a desk for study, work or even home finance chores. If possible, do not put this desk in your bedroom. It is best to keep the television out of your bedroom as well.

Getting enough rest is important and studies have shown that having a television in your bedroom can lead to poor sleeping habits.

Establish a Routine

Once you have decided which areas will be dedicated to each part of your daily life, establish routines that will help keep those areas clean and organized. What is the first thing you do when you walk in the door upon returning home?  Do you have a place that you always hang your keys? What about your purse or wallet? Establishing a routine for these regularly recurring events will keep your counters from becoming cluttered and keep you from losing your keys too! What other tasks are repeated regularly? Can you implement a routine that will simplify any of these tasks? Look at these repeated tasks as opportunities to organize and declutter your life and your home.

Set Realistic Goals

Most people do not want to live in a sterile showroom. Remember that even the most organized home will get a bit messy during finals week or when there are weekend guests. If “stuff” starts to pile up, simply take a bit of time to put everything back in its dedicate space and recommit yourself to following the routines you established earlier. Fortunately, if you have already put forth the effort of setting up your dedicated areas and routines, re-establishing them should be even easier.

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Sometimes the effort to organize meets with failure due to a simple lack of space or a lack of the correct space for your needs. Perhaps you need an extra room in order to have a dedicated office or study space. Maybe it’s time for a separate living and dining room? When you are ready to start looking for your perfect space, check out SFU real estate by visiting our website or contacting a representative with Canadian University Real Estate today.

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