Tips for Spring Lawn Care

Now that spring is arriving, what a great opportunity it is to get outside and enjoy some of that fresh air!  Also, while you’re outside enjoying yourself and the new season, you may want to consider getting a head start on your lawn care since a well prepared lawn means a healthier and weed free one in the summer months.  Here are some great tips to help get you started with your spring lawn care.

Early Preparation

If you want that lush, weed free lawn to enjoy in the summer months, it’s important to do some early season preparation, which means filling in any low spots where water may have pooled over the winter.  You will also want to clean up and remove all debris that may have collected during the winter storms.  Finally, look for any areas that are considered high traffic areas, those that will need to be reseeded and properly maintained to ensure that they bounce back before summer.


Once you are satisfied with your early lawn preparation, it is time to reseed your entire lawn, so make sure to pay particular attention to bare areas or areas of high traffic.  The purpose of reseeding your lawn is to ensure that you have an even, uniform lawn; therefore, read the directions on your seed packets and follow them exactly so that your lawn is properly reseeded.  It may be worth your time to talk to a landscaping expert about the type of seed you are going to use.  Remember: certain grass seed will do better in different climates.


Once you have re-seeded your lawn, it is important to properly fertilize it: always choose an environmentally friendly fertilizer that is non-toxic.  Once you have found the proper fertilizer, make sure to follow the instructions to ensure proper coverage, just as you did with your seed (it’s very important that you do not over or under fertilize your lawn).  Make sure to choose a dry day that is neither too warm nor too cold, as the timing of your application is just as important as your product choice.

Lawnmower Upkeep

Since spring is approaching, you can finally mow your lawn again! However, we know how frustrating it is to realize your lawnmower won’t start when it’s finally time to get it out of the garage.  A few quick maintenance checks may save hours of frustration later down the road, so once you’ve finished seeding and fertilizing your lawn, take the spark plug from your lawnmower and clean it.  Once you have a clean spark plug, try to see if your lawnmower will start.  If not, you may want to think about draining the old fuel and replacing it with new gas, and if it still won’t start, you may want to think about taking it in for a tune-up.

A well maintained lawn is always a welcome addition to any home, and a must if you want to list your home on the real estate market.  The homes near Simon Fraser University always have well maintained lawns, so if you’re looking for lawn care ideas or a new home, we’re always eager to help people!  We hope to see you soon.

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