The City On Top of the World: Burnaby


The city of Burnaby is a thriving urban area that boasts a unique mountain culture all its own. You will find great places to eat, successful businesses to expand your career, breathtaking scenery and one of the best places of learning in the entire world: Simon Fraser University.

SFU real estate is some of the most sought after in Vancouver, and that is because the city of Burnaby offers one of the best lifestyles in Canada. This city is the perfect blend of metropolis and wilderness. This is a city that is on top of the world in many different ways, from top career and education opportunities to its breathtaking Burnaby Mountain. If you are hunting for a place to go to school and live, Burnaby is the place to be.


You cannot possibly be bored while living in Burnaby. With nine different recreational facilities, two ice skating arenas, multiple outdoor pools, fantastic youth and senior centers as well as an abundance of sports fields, there is something for everyone. There are programs available for preschool-aged children all the way to the oldest members in the community. Some facilities, such as the Cameron Recreation Complex, also feature well-stocked libraries.

The city also maintains a multitude of impeccable outdoor facilities. If you are a dog lover, you pet is sure to love the fun dog parks where they can roam freely off the leash. Burnaby also boasts the largest bike skill courses in the world, and they are open for the enjoyment of the public. The west coast climate allows citizens living in Burnaby to utilize and enjoy the fine outdoor facilities year around.       

Heritage and Arts

Outdoor activities and recreation are not the only things that those in Burnaby hold dear. Residents also greatly appreciate arts and heritage. The Burnaby Art Gallery features awe inspiring pieces year around, including local artists. SFU maintains its own excellent gallery. There are also annual workshops for the entire family to enjoy.

If you are in the mood to spend an evening at the theatre, the Shadbolt Centre is available to meet all your fine art needs. This centre features great productions from musical acts to art festivals. The Shadbolt Centre even maintains its own art shop, gallery and cafe.

If you appreciate history, you will love the Burnaby History Museum. Take a walk back in time by scheduling your tour as soon as you are settled in your new SFU real estate.   

Simon Fraser University

Atop the jewel of Burnaby, Burnaby Mountain, sits Simon Fraser University. This innovative learning and research centre is Canada’s top comprehensive university. It is also ranked among the world’s finest university centres. People from far and wide come to live in the area to attend this school.

If you are interested in moving to the area to attend school at SFU, finding a great place to live is the first place to start. For more information, we encourage you to visit our SFU real estate page or contact a representative with Canadian University Real Estate today.

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