Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Its Christmas time again. Time to break out your favourite Christmas music, time to get together with friends and family, time to decorate the tree and time to wear your favourite ugly Christmas sweater. Christmas is a great reason to decorate your home and enjoy all your family traditions that make the holiday season so special. Here are some great tips to help you get your home ready for the holiday season.

Lights, Lights, Lights

Christmas lights are not just for the outside of your home or your Christmas tree. A quick way to make your home look far more festive is to string lights around fixtures, up banisters or, really, anywhere. A well placed set of lights can not only add a nice ambiance, but it can also quickly make your home that much more festive.

Think about hanging lights around mirrors, windows and banisters. Try using both coloured and white lights to give your home a nice balance this holiday season. Remember to place these lights near an electrical outlet so you do not have unsightly electrical cords all over your home.

Ornaments, Ribbons and Mistletoe

A nice way to balance your home is to add ribbons or greenery in and around your light displays.  The soft glow of the lights will quickly bring out the highlights of your greenery or ribbons which will only add to the festive mood in your home. Ornaments that are usually reserved specifically for your Christmas tree can be used in various places around your home instead. Think about hanging ornaments from chandeliers or placing ornaments on the top of a mantle intertwined with ribbon or greenery such as boughs or mistletoe. 

Wreaths and Centerpieces

No home is fully ready for the holidays without a wreath or two. A wreath hanging on the front door is a must for the holidays. A front door wreath will welcome any friends and family that drop by to share in the festivities and will show that your home is ready for the holiday season. 

A Christmas centerpiece is a nice addition to any kitchen or dining room table. Think about a centerpiece with some candles and greenery or pinecones to add that final touch to your Christmas dinner. Make your own or purchase one of the many festive centerpieces on the market today. Either way, you cannot go wrong.

The Tree

Probably the most traditional Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree.  There is something magical about a nicely decorated Christmas tree. Make sure to decorate your tree with ample lights, traditional and memorable ornaments and just the right amount of tinsel and ribbon.

If you are still looking for more festive holiday ideas, take a quick walk through your neighbourhood to see what other people have decided to do with their homes. A great place to start is to look at some of the SFU real estate in the area. In this area are some of the most festive homes in the lower mainland. Good luck, happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

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