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Adding Scent Appeal When Showing Your Home

Enahce your point grey home with these aroma tips

When preparing to show a Point Grey home for sale, take the time to make sure the house is neat and clean. Put away dishes and laundry. Put away any toys as well. Floors should be swept or vacuumed. Another important detail you don’t want to miss, which is not always obvious, is odor. Because you become accustomed to odors over time, you may be oblivious of the fact that your home has an unpleasant aroma. Visitors, however, will detect a bad odor right away.

Every potential buyer will immediately notice the scent of your home. A strong or unpleasant scent will deter a buyer from making an offer, or they will bid lower than what you wanted. Visitors tend to remember the scent of your home. The memory of an unpleasant house odor can overshadow all of the other appealing attributes of your home. You want potential buyers to leave your home remembering how nice your home smelled.

Simple Ways to Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

At least one day before showing your home, get rid of anything that can give off an unpleasant odor. If you have animals, are an inside smoker, or are concerned about strong odors lingering about, consider renting an ionizer to remove any odors. Even if you are confident that do not have any strong odors, it is still a good idea to:

  • Take out the trash, and also wash the trash can
  • Avoid cooking foods that create a strong odor, such as fish, broccoli or liver
  • Give your pets a bath
  • Avoid smoking in the house

Once you have rid your home of unpleasant odors, refrain from doing anything that may bring them back.

Creating Pleasant Odors

Do not attempt to cover up bad odors. Spraying air freshener in the kitchen after cooking fish will only intensify an already unpleasant odor. Eliminate bad odors first, then try these scent-enhancing ideas:

  • Baking cookies, or a cake or pie. You can even leave them out as a treat for potential buyers.
  • Lighting neutral, softly scented candles – vanilla is always a good choice
  • Put some beer in a pan and place it in a warm oven. This will create the smell of bread baking
  • Place a small pot of water on the stove and toss in lemon peels and cinnamon to create a warm, citrusy aroma
  • Place fresh flowers on the tables

Making your Point Grey home for sale pleasant for all the senses could increase the number of interested buyers. If you would like more tips on preparing your home to entice buyers, feel free to contact us.

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