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Top quality education with affordable tuition

Canada offers the lowest tuition rates for foreign students compared to the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.

This means you can pursue your studies in a globally recognized program of your choice at one of Canada’s top universities for nearly half of what it would cost to attend an equally reputable program at a private university in the USA.

Studying in Canada is a rewarding investment in your future
Canada has one of the best and most highly respected educational systems in the world. Every year, thousands of international students come to Canada to access a premier education, gain cross-cultural experience and receive a globally-recognized degree that secures their future.

Many schools offer on-campus accommodation ranging from shared condominiums to dormitory-style housing. If you choose to live off-campus, prices may be lower but will include additional costs such as furnishings, electricity, phone and internet connection.

The money you save on tuition can be invested wisely in the housing market to yield the most reward

Buying a home is a solid investment. More and more, families of students abroad are choosing instead to purchase a property for the international student in their family.

Many Canadian cities, including Toronto and Vancouver, are rated among the most desirable places to live in the entire world based on such criteria as health care, education, public transit, diversity and green spaces.

In such a desirable market, it makes sense for families of International students to purchase Canadian property and invest in a home while investing in education. was created to help international students planning to attend University in Canada and their families. The website provides a comprehensive overview of 10 major universities in Canada, complete with information about the University itself, campus life, the surrounding city, the real estate market, local events, parks and recreation, transportation and property listing in the areas that are ideal for students.

We hope this website helps you make informed choices and find a home here, in every sense of the word, for however long you choose to be part of our Canadian culture.

Canadian law allows foreigners (non-residents of Canada) to buy, own, rent out and sell their property without any limitations. There are no differences in the ownership rights between Canadians and non-citizens. Non-Canadians are also eligible for receiving a mortgage for purchasing property in Canada. The only requirement is making down payment in the amount of no less than 35% of the purchase price.

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As a first generation Canadian whose parents immigrated to Canada, Sam understands the challenges people face when they are new to the country. He endeavors to make your transition into Canadian culture as smooth as possible, understands the importance of family and embodies family values.

With access to a network of real estate agents and colleagues across Canada, Sam is a member of the Remax Executive Club and Remax 100 Percent Club. Experienced in all aspects of the real estate marketing process, Sam’s top performance statistics and achievements are the result of his strict adherence to business ethics and his complete devotion to achieving 100% client satisfaction.