Edmonton Transportation

Getting to Campus

University of Alberta students have had a Upass system in place for many years, where students are assessed Upass fees with their tuition on a mandatory basis.

This large-scale program helps students to maintain buying power with the local transit authorities and keeps the prices of the Upass low. The Upasss takes the form of a sticker on the student’s ID, which can then be used to access transit services for the semester.

Students living in Strathcona are best served getting to class by the 4, 7, 57 and the 94 bus routes. These buses run every seven minutes, so students shouldn’t have to wait long or pan very far ahead when it comes to getting on campus. The ride takes about 20 minutes in total. That said, students who wish to walk could probably do so in less than half an hour, so walking is always an option.

Seeing the Sights

Students who need a trip to the West Edmonton Mall will get there the most quickly using the 4 bus route, which is the only single, direct bus route going between Strathcona and the mall. This bus runs every 15 minutes. The trip takes about 50 minutes, with only a short walk at the end.

The Art Gallery of Alberta can be reached using the 51, 81 or 87 bus routes, which run every 30 minutes. That said, the gallery has an ideal downtown location, meaning that other downtown routes like the 7, 57 and 70 can get students close if they don’t mind a short walk. The ride takes less than 15 minutes no matter which route is chosen.

William Hawrelak park is very close to the University of Alberta campus, putting it within walking distance for most students. Fort Edmonton is a little farther away, and it can be reached using the 4 bus route, with the trip taking about 45 minutes. This route runs every 15 minutes.

Exploring the City

Students who wish to explore the city have a variety of options. One is to walk or use a bicycle, since the city is fairly pedestrian friendly, especially toward the downtown core. Students wishing to reach downtown Edmonton can use the 7, 57, 70, 81 and87 bus routes. These buses run about every 12 minutes, and the trip takes only about 15 minutes from start to finish.