Going Green in Your Calgary Condo

When you purchase a great condo in Calgary to live out your college years, you are making an investment that could yield a great return. You can choose to remodel certain areas within the home, leave it close to “as is” and flip the sale soon after your purchase, or you could go green and create a space that is both luxurious and ecologically friendly.

As a hard-working college student, you might not have time to complete costly renovations. Flipping a home after your purchase might not bring a large return. That leaves the obvious choice: go green and reap the benefits. Here are some tips for going green in your Calgary condo that will have you living in a space that you truly love.

1. Replace Appliances

When you move into your Calgary condo, check the appliances and make sure that they are energy-efficient. If they are not, and if they are older, consider replacing them with new, green appliances. New appliances could potentially cut your electric bill in half. Using less energy does not only save you funds, it also uses fewer resources from the environment. If you do choose to part ways with a few appliances, make sure that you bring them to professionals who will properly dispose of them. 

2. Make Your Own Cleaners

Condos require very little maintenance. There is no yardwork to complete, no roofs to fix in the winter and no tedious household repairs. The biggest maintenance that you will perform on your condo is cleaning. Most store bought solutions contain harsh, harmful chemicals that leave your space in a toxic heap rather than a clean, green environment. To reduce the toxins that are in your home, make your own cleaning solution. A great example is baking soda with apple cider vinegar.

3. Song Showers

Water is a hot commodity in many areas around the world. One way that you can help to find a solution to this issue is by taking shorter showers. Song showers are the name given to quick showers that are taken only while your favorite song is on. In other words, you can only shower during that time. Many people limit their shower time to one time or two songs. This helps them to keep track of the amount of water that there are using.

4. Collect Compost

All great green kitchens need a compost pile. This is where you will collect certain unused foods. Over time, the compost turns to dirt. Compost is still one of the best ways to fertilize a garden area, even if the garden is in containers. Composting gives a new use to foods that would otherwise be tossed out. You might just have to invest in some indoor or outdoor plants if you decide to start a compost collection. 

Going green in your Calgary condo is a great way to save money on utilities, get a good return on your investment and save the environment. Your condo can be that much better by choosing a great space. If you would like more information on University of Calgary real estate, visit our buyers page and contact a representative today.         

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