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Calgary in Spring

Living near a University can be an exciting prospect. There are always great events that are coming and going and the atmosphere surrounding the area is always one of cheer and excitement, even during exam week. University living offers a neighbourhood feel with culture and trendiness all mixed into one.

Buying University of Calgary real estate for sale can be a great first step toward being in a great place to raise a family or a great place to just settle down and enjoy life. In Calgary, there is always University real estate for sale, and this spring may be one of the best times of the year to come and see what is available. Here is a quick look at what is going on at the Calgary University and the surrounding areas this May.  Continue reading

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The University of Calgary Outdoor Center

Students, faculty, staff and the general public all have the great opportunity to enjoy the world-class recreational facilities and abundance of activities offered by the University of Calgary Outdoor Center. The center stresses a mission that involves enriching the lives of the public through education and activities that keep them living an active lifestyle. There is something for everyone, young and old, at the U of C Outdoor Center. Continue reading

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6 Tips for Moving University Students

Moving to a new city, province or even country and starting university involves a lot of change. You have to adapt to a new environment, change your routine and leave your hometown. Since the transition is already overwhelming enough, the actual moving process should go as smoothly as possible. The last thing you want is for moving to be a hassle. Whether you are moving thousands of miles or just a few minutes away, use these tips to make the process efficient and stress-free. Continue reading

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