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Sam Huang

April 22, 2015

Deciding to return to school as an adult is challenging, but continuing your education on top of the exceptionally difficult task of being a single parent can be daunting. Giving yourself the opportunities that come with having a college education is well worth the hardships of returning to school. Great colleges, such as the University of Calgary, offer single parents a bright future through a large and diverse range of academic programs.

Managing your child, or children, along with your courses takes great dedication and motivation — two driving factors that propel mothers and fathers to keep moving forward on a daily basis. Here are some tips for single parents who are seeking a higher education. Continue reading

Why Choose Canada for College?

Many students who choose to study abroad have a multitude of countries in mind to settle on as their final destination for attending a university. The excitement of leaving the nest — or rather, the entire forest — can be very overwhelming. Students who choose to continue their education in Canada are enjoying many great benefits that many countries simply lack. Top quality schools, such as the University of Calgary, are providing foreign learners with amazing opportunities and consistently exceeding their expectations. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Canada for college. Continue reading

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Secrets for Balancing Life as a College Student

Life, work and school can easily become the perfect formula for being extremely overwhelmed. As you can imagine, this has catastrophic effects. Keeping up the three is a true challenge, but one that can be met by any University of Calgary student who is driven to thrive.

The jobs you hold and the life you live while attending a university are just as important to shaping you into a professional as the classes you take. The work you do while you progress towards a degree may not be the most glamorous, but it proves to future employers that you have to ability and stamina to successfully juggle responsibilities. Covering your monthly bills and maintaining your grades is made simple when you know the secrets for balancing life as a college student. Continue reading

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5 Tips for Thriving as a Foreign Student

Immigrating to a new country to further your education can be a daunting and flat out frightening task. Though entering a brave, new world is exciting, you will also encounter many roadblocks and hard emotions along the route that must be overcome. Students from countries all around the world migrate to Canada in the search of a great education and welcoming country in which to settle. Following these tips will help you thrive as a foreign student. Continue reading

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